Guitar Classes Pune

Our Guitar Training Institute in Pune focuses in different ways depending on the goals and concerns that the students have.

Guitar Classes focus on children (5 years to 10 Years). We try to familiarize the students with the instrument by means of popular songs , always keeping in mind the base of the scales, so that they learn the musical language, like one more.

Music Training Institute Pune also focused on students who interested in a later entry to Conservatory of Music. We follow a structured pattern in teaching, which helps students get an idea what areas will be covered in their course.

Guitar Classes in Pune teaches students interested in guitar as a hobby or as a profession. Our teachers are always motivated to keep your interest alive in Guitar, and taking efforts to make learning joyful. We provide flexible practice timings to students so that whether they have a Guitar or not does not matter. They can just come to our Music Academy and practice.


Music theory

Knowledge of Major minor scales

Introduction to western notations

Basic knowledge of instruments

Sharp flat notes

Chord formations

Major, minor chords

To play song backgrounds in chords

Play song chords independently

Basic composition techniques

Setting leads for songs as well as reading notations


6 Months


Twice a Week


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