Violin Classes Pune

The Mad Over Music was born with the intention of offering a space of recollection to all musicians who love music and who need a space in Pune to play it.

Violin training center is a place where our students put everything they have learnt, with other musicians, into an environment of motivation and improvement. Our violin teachers are the best in Pune. They are in permanent formation and prepared to teach you in a effective way with all adapted to your times, tastes and personal tests. We offer you much more than private violin lessons.

At our violin academy, you can join violin classes in Pune for all ages and levels. If you want to try to play before deciding to buy your own instrument is no problem: we provide the instrument for your classes, as well as practice at the Academy . Our experienced and learned faculties are an advantage for you in receiving the correct techniques of playing violin, which is very important. For violin training in Pune visit the website or Call us today.


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