Piano Training Institute Pune

Musical keyboard training institute teach piano, keyboard for more affordable and attractive fees structure. A music center with spacious and fully equipped classrooms. The formula that we use in bringing out your passion  for the Keys allows us to create the best and complete learning process, regardless of your age. Each student has a keyboard in the classroom, which allows him to learn piano on his own pace and without the need for anyone but the teacher to listen, and without the need to wait for those who want to learn more slowly, or without the pressure of the teachers. They learn piano faster. You can start piano classes in Pune at any time because this method allows teachers to be personally attentive to each student. Each student is taught as per his/her pace.

While teaching piano , In Additions to above we have invested many resources so that the student can have all the help possible. We have audio and video recordings so that our students can dispel their doubts even when they are practicing at home. And for the little ones we have a series of videos in cartoons so that they can learn to read music in the way that they like, All this with spectacularly economic prices.


Music theory

Knowledge of Major minor scales

Introduction to western notations

Basic knowledge of instruments

Sharp flat notes

Chord formations

Major, minor chords

To play song backgrounds in chords

Play song chords independently

Basic composition techniques

Setting leads for songs as well as reading notations.

Practice practice and more practice.


6 Months


Once a Week


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