Bollywood and Light Singing

Singing Classes Pune

Singing training institute in Pune, you can also learn singing, since the voice is considered as our best musical instrument. The Singing Course is aimed for students who wish to have a first contact with singing world. The three fundamental axes of the singing classes are the knowledge of one's own voice through the work of vocal technique, the interpretation through exercises of corporal and vocal expression and finally the loss of scenic fear.

In the vocal technique class will work the breathing, placement, emission and extension of the voice achieving in a short time improve the tessitura, density and power. To utilize your voice to your actual potential and of course to improve your potential in singing as well.

With our professional team you can also work on the preparation of performances, castings, auditions.


Basic knowledge of swaras

Breathing techniques

Warm up exercises

Better breath control

Bollywood songs with their notations and chords

Practice of singing with musical instruments

Practice of singing with karaoke tracks

Song recordings

Voice modulation exercises

Expressions in singing


6 Months


Twice a Week


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